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The concept of territory must now be defined by shifting urgencies rather than historical power grabs. We must unlearn the ways we previously understood territory. New language, new maps, new spatial matrices must be developed in order to articulate where we are. “Territory” must be recalibrated.

Previous territories and borders were delineated by mapping through extractivist processes, a history of violence and contradictions defined by power in the interest of power. Westphalian sovereignty is not adequate to engage with climate change, geo-political entanglements, the cloud, pandemics. These are our pre-existing conditions. Centuries of digging up and burning the remains of dinosaurs have released their ghosts. Those ghosts are haunting us and are not bound by something as human and temporally fleeting as national borders. As new urgencies surface, new territories are defined and new alliances must be built.

Protocol 002_Territory is now a process. It is not a fixed state.