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Entanglements, both visible and concealed, govern our world. Alliances operating at the scale of the biosphere are essential to address the challenges and crises in our midst. At the same time, the biggest shifts are catalyzed at the granular scale—they are accessed through pattern shifts of mundane behaviors that rewrite imaginations, both individual and collective, and vibrate into deep time. Alliances embody the rewired coalitions that reconfigure territories and societies within transformation. They can counter entrenched power by finding mutual aims and constructing webs of connection from contamination, mutation, the indeterminate space of precarity. Whether born from spontaneity or strategy, new alliances are the responsive agents of this condition. They are the dynamic technology for mediating difference, the unclassifiable, the chaos, the fallout; they can flip crises into essential transformation.

Alliances are the protagonists and the navigational structure, alliances are the territory. Alliances give us access to the multiplicity we must work within; alliances enable us to be an adequate “we,” a “we” sufficient to the scale of the problem.

Protocol 008_We are alliances or we are nothing.