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The basis for survival is adaptation: agility in the face of contingency, a capacity to revise, to take on the feedback loop as a working methodology.

Adaptation is not “survival of the fittest”; it cannot be derived from market values of individuated neoliberalism. Adaptation is a dynamic force for coalition building; it is diverse capacities coalescing into a distributed fortitude that operates across a system.

We [‘we’ as defined in Protocol 008_alliances] become the adaptation we need to be, that we need each other to be, by bringing together our diverse capacities. It is within our synthetic capacities that our greatest potential emerges—socially, technically. Irrigation systems can sustain natural systems, dredged bodies of water work in tandem with natural land formations, digital information flows impact brick and mortar city planning.

Adaptive use and re-use is cyclical and integral. Virtual and material affordances of a multitude of assemblages can both mutate and bond with other assemblages in unforeseeable and adaptable ways.

Protocol 001_We are already synthetic. Adaptation is our only way through.