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We evaluate where and when and what to protect, to repair, and to let go of. “Disasters” are perceived: environmental “catastrophes” are labeled as such; hurricanes are coded by their “cones of uncertainty”; “pandemic protocols” are created; and insistence on human rights challenges the powers that be.

Risk mitigation occurs every time you leave your home—ie. forced by environmental factors, buying food in the face of a health risk, or protesting under duress. These are the risks that can be mitigated as individuals, but risk functions across scales—from the quantum to the cosmological.

Proliferation of complexity and risk makes top-down grand narratives obsolete as a relationship to the future. Thriving in this context means practical, political, and epistemic commitments need to happen across a multitude of systems and scales to provide protective and proactive measures (care-taking), assuring the survival of system diversity, health and wellbeing, and equity across systems, both human and non-human.

Protocol 006_Risk mitigation is constitutive of existence.